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The efforts of American activism to pressure Asian corporations in Sudan have to date resembled a struggle in finding the light switch in the dark or swimming against a strong current. While the impact of the divestment campaign in the United States has been increasingly evident, its effectiveness in producing actual results in Sudan remains suspect. Thanks to China and a trio of Asian national oil companies, oil still flows in Sudan. The campaign’s activities have failed to reconcile Sudan’s wider international political and economic relations into its strategy. It has rather paradoxically sought to
pressure state-owned corporations through financial market divestment. The nature of its Asian targets, reluctant western investors and a distracted American government has obstructed the campaign from having a resounding impact in Sudan.

Read the rest of the article at Jour­nal of Mod­ern African Stud­ies, Vol­ume 47, Issue 4, Decem­ber 2009, pp. 551 – 573

Photo credit: ENOUGH Project via photopin cc